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My Resume [Updated October 2014]

Employment/Publishing History:

10/14: An excerpt from The Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song is featured in The Best American Comics of 2014, published by Houghton Mifflin.

The graphic novel has also been translated into French, and published, as La Famille Carter, by the publisher La Pasteque. THIS LINK will take you to the publisher's dedicated page for La Famille Carter.

1/14-present: I am currently developing three different graphic novel projects, but am seeking work in order to survive while doing so. I am contemplating a move to the Portland, Oregon area towards the end of this year.

1/14: I helped color Cece Bell's acclaimed young adult-slanted graphic novel El Deafo, published by Abrams' Amulet books imprint. David Lasky did the finishing touches on the 40 pages I colored, as he is the book's official colorist. As with Carol Lay's project, I laid the all-important foundation for David Lasky.

7/13: I helped color Carol Lay's Kickstarter-funded, self-published full color comic book Murderville.
Carol and I (along with David Lasky) were recent guests of honor at the 2013 Olympia Comics Fest, held in early June in Olympia, Washington.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carol on this delightful project.
7-12/2012: colorist/graytone painter for graphic novel Good Riddance, written and illustrated by Cynthia Copeland. I worked with best-selling author Copeland on this 222-page graphic novel. I did not contribute any narrative material, but I helped bring her gripping, often very funny real-life story to life via graytone rendering and spot color.

This book was released in May, 2013. Click here to view its link on

10/2012: writer/colorist of graphic novel Don't Forget This Song: The Story of the Carter Family, in collaboration with artist-writer David Lasky.

The book has been nominated for two Eisner Awards -- for myself as Best Writer, and for the book as Best Reality-Based Project. It won the latter category.

This project was begun in 2007. I'm pleased that David and I have seen it to completion, and that it's out in the world.

For this non-fiction project, I conducted several interviews with such notable figures as Mike Seeger, Rita Forrester and Bill Clifton. David and I did a great deal of historical research for this project.

I colored the book based on the evocative hues of early 20th century American newspaper comics. The coloring has been widely noted in reviews, as has my usage of dialect throughout the book.

The book has been released to much critical praise, and is soon to go into its second printing. That's my Eisner Award there, to the left...

See the dedicated blog for this project HERE, and buy a copy of the book HERE.

8/2011: writer/layout artist of graphic novel Road To Destiny: Oregon Trail, in collaboration with artist-writer David Lasky, published in softcover by Sasquatch Press.

Order the book from HERE. Check out the dedicated blog for this book HERE.

6-11/2010: Book editor, Passport to The Future: The Amazing Life and Music of Electronic Pop Music Pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey

I edited this 312-page musical biography, written by Dana Countryman.  For this project, I helped establish a clear, readable tone for the prose, assured grammatical/stylistic consistency throughout the text, and worked with several iterations of the manuscript alongside author Countryman. I also contributed some graphics and photo retouching to the project.

THIS LINK  offers more information on the published book.


4/2010: CD project programmer/interviewer/liner notes writer, Ace Records, London England: I proposed a compilation CD project for this label, entitled You Baby: Words and Music by P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri. This CD will be issued in May, 2010. For this project, I conducted extensive interviews with songwriters Phil Sloan and Steve Barri. I wrote a 4000 word essay on their career, based on these interviews, and collaborated with noted music writer Mick Patrick on an additional 6000 words of detailed, track-by-track song information. As well, I helped plan the disc's track listings, and helped contribute discography information.

THIS LINK will take you to the project's listing on the Ace Records website.

12/2009-8/2010: Associate Editor, Tactical MilSim Magazine; freelance copy-editing (and subtle re-writing) for this quarterly slick full-color MilSim gaming magazine. Fine-tuning the work of absolute non-writers, to make them look like pros, was the name of the game for this magazine. (The magazine folded in the summer of 2010.)

In 2008, I served on the advisory board of Art Spiegelman's historic comics anthology, The TOON Treasury of Classic Children's Comics.

I helped select several stories for the book, and took part in a round-robin editorial board that included such notables as Michael Barrier, Jeet Heer and Art Spiegelman.

2006-2009: Topps Chewing Gum, New York, NY: gag writer and layout artist. I sold several gag concepts to Topps' ever-popular Wacky Packages satirical trading card series. My layout sketches have been used, with little alteration, by painters such as John Pound in the creation of the finished artwork. These cards are sold nation-wide at various retail outlets.

View some of my published Topps gags:     GAG 1      GAG 2      GAG 3     GAG 4    GAG 5

2004-2008: Becker & Mayer!, Bellevue, WA: designer and author.
Becker & Mayer! are a leading book packager/production company. For them, I wrote several published books, including these volumes, listed on

Car Design Studio

Black Light Painting Book
(I both wrote and illustrated the above book)

Snap-Together Coin Sorter

Motorcycle Design Studio

1994-present: various freelance design, PowerPoint presentation and writing jobs. Clients include BechTel Communications, Emory University, Pacific Galleries Northwest, Public Synergy Group, Mission Support USA, Davis College Planning, RFP PR Agency Search Experts and InHouse Communications.

1998-present: Presentation Tree, Seattle, WA: designer, PowerPoint presentations.

This firm's specialty is visually dynamic, effective PowerPoint presentations. Clients include Starbucks, Microsoft, Holland America Lines, and Alaska Airlines. I have worked as assistant to Presentation Tree founder Paul C. Tumey on many PPT decks.

Here is a link to a Holland America Lines/Microsoft PPT deck on which I worked. I did both PPT animation and treatment of graphic elements:


As well, I have also provided writing, editorial services and line art for the company.

2000-2001: writer/collaborator (with artist Justin Green) on regular feature, Musical Legends, for Tower Records’ Pulse! Magazine

These features have been collected into book form by Last Gasp Press. Click HERE for more information on this book.

1997-2001: Cool & Strange Music! magazine, Seattle, WA: associate editor, reviews editor and writer.

I wrote several cover-featured pieces for this eclectic music magazine, including interviews with music legends Les Paul, Alvino Rey and Russ Garcia.

1991-1992: Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, WA: managing editor of monthly magazine The Comics Journal.

I edited eight issues of the controversial, highly influential news and opinion magazine about comics and other pictorial media. The run of my issues was nominated for a Harvey Award. My last issue was a special tribute to legendary writer/artist/editor Harvey Kurtzman.

1980-1991: journalist, editor, graphic artist for several Southeastern newspapers and magazines, including The Savannah News-Press, the Florida Flambeau, Capital City and the Apalachee Quarterly. I wrote thousands of articles, ranging from arts & entertainment features to front-page news pieces.

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