Friday, March 31, 2017

About Frank M. Young

I offer 30 years' experience as a fast, smart and dependable writer, editor, cartoonist and designer.

I have a high level of professionalism. I am deadline-oriented and conscientious. I work well under pressure and have strong communication and organizational skills.

I deliver polished, impressive work. My skill-set will prove valuable in almost any creative project.

I have completed two full-length graphic novels, in collaboration with artist David Lasky. I have also colored a full-length graphic novel for artist-writer Cynthia Copeland and a short-form young person's book for artist-writer Harry Bliss. Details on these projects may be found at the top of this blog.

I continue to work as a writer, editor, proofreader, designer, graphic novelist, colorist and artist.

Notable Achievements:

>< As a journalist, I have written thousands of published articles, illustrations and cartoons

>< Under my editorial tenure, The Comics Journal won a Harvey Award for Excellence in Comics Journalism

>< My graphic novel The Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song won the Eisner Award for Best Reality-Based Project

>< My PowerPoint presentations have been seen by millions of viewers


  1. Yeah...finally meet you Frank, long time no see.

    Cheers my friend.


  2. heh. ^ that sounds a bit dark. AND friendly!